Ruud Starke

     Ruud Starke 

     Ruud Starke

My work represents the journey through daily life, displayed in a travelogue, which is, at the same time, a landscape and my selfpotrait as well. 

Nature and the way we deal with it is a main theme in my work: how we coöp with natural processes and try to control and cultivate our daily life. To bend nature into culture.

Everything has to be classified, categorized, menageable and to be controlled/checked. We cultivate natural processes, turn fluid into a solid,stiff and unbreakable material and ideas with no space to grow outside  lines and develop and explore new ways.

I ask myself how I relate to all this. I try to explore myself, nature and culture. I see it as a journey and make comments and imagenary maps as a sort of travelogue with structures and patterns, all together forming a  landscape.


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